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Santorini is one of the most famous Mediterranean destinations, situated at the southern part of Cyclades and consists the complex of islands Thira, Thirasia Aspronisi volcanoes (Palia Kameni and Nea Kameni).

Thira, Thirasia and Aspronisi form a”ring” around the Caldera, the bay which was created when the central part of ancient Strongyli sank to the seabed around the 1600p.Ch. Its dimensions are 8×5 km and its depth is as low as 370 m.

Its size is 76 square km and the length of its shores is 69 km. The perimeter is approximately 36 nautical miles.It is 128 nautical miles away from the port of Piraeus and 63 nautical miles away from Crete.

Herodotus refers to Santorini by using the namem Round and Kallisti. The name Thera is taken after the legendary settler Theras of Sparta, who settled in the island and founded the homonymous town in Mesa Vouno approximately the 10th century B.C.

The prevailing name Santorini was given by the Venetians and is  a pronunciation of both words Santa and Irene (Saint Irene), taken after either from the name of the church in the valley of Perissa, or in Thirassia.

The main island, Thera, has a shape of a half moon and is located in the easternmost position of the cluster. The west side consists of the walls of the Caldera which preserve the picture of its geological history and illustrate the different phases of the volcanic activity.

There are 13 villages in Thera and 3 villages in Therassia.

The capital of the island is Fira. The name derived from corruption of the word Thera, which is the official one.

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