Nostos (νόστος) the beautiful Greek word that captures the feeling of longing to return, the sense of homecoming. This is the name of these little cozy studios nestled at the southeast coast of Santorini that eagerly await their visitors, coming back year after year, to reclaim the spot they call their summer home, their very own place in the sun. This family owned hotel’s philosophy is centered on this exact feeling of coming back to a place where time takes a different stride, and nostalgia becomes one with the comfort of relaxed leisure.

At arm’s reach from the waters of Saint George and only a 3 min drive from the famous Vlyhada beach, these 12 studios that can host up to three persons each, have become, over the years, the quintessence of what genuine Cycladic holidays have always been, before boutique hotels and impressive resorts were ever a trend. Established in the eighties, the recently renovated complex still holds an aura of old-school charm, combined with a dashing swimming pool, spacious rooms and private balconies each facing the sea. All the while, the place has achieved in maintaining a honey feel enhanced by its organic profile, with fresh figs, grapes and baby tomatoes offered straight from the garden. The island climate keeps mosquitoes away, so open windows and breezy, starry nights are guaranteed.


While you are here…

Stroll around the island’s archaeological sites or the fascinating “red beach”.

Visit the beautiful traditional settlements of Emporio, Megalochori and Pyrgos.

Sample some of the most famous wine varieties in the world at the wineries of the villages nearby.

Enjoy a walk by the sea to Exomitis and Perissa and discover some of Santorini’s best restaurants and beach bars.

Take the boat from Vlyhada to the island’s Caldera and the imposing volcano.

Fira town is 15’ – 20’ away and Oia approximately 40’ away by car. Why not take the bus that stops right outside the hotel and go on a little adventure?